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NEW ACSS Reticles: Primary Arms Platinum Series 1-8x FFP Scopes

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NEW ACSS Reticles: Primary Arms Platinum Series 1-8x FFP Scopes

The Primary Arms Platinum Series 1-8X24mm First Focal Plane Rifle Scopes are now available with the most advanced reticles ever created for low power variable optics.

These proven scopes are fully engineered and manufactured in Japan and feature superior glass clarity, night vision compatible illumination, and locking windage and elevation knobs. Now Primary Arms introduces three powerful new ACSS reticles to maximize your rifle’s potential for excellent speed at close quarters and precision at medium range. The Raptor M2 reticle updates the original ACSS reticle design for common caliber rifles. Griffin MIL and Griffin MOA reticles offer proven ACSS reticle features and holdover grids compatible with any caliber for maximum flexibility.

The New ACSS Raptor M2 Reticle

The original Advanced Combined Sighting System combined bullet drop compensation, wind holds, range estimation, and moving target leads into one easy to learn, simple to use reticle sighting system.

Now ACSS Raptor M2 replaces the center dot and horseshoe with a chevron center aiming point, and adds additional wind holds for 10 mph winds out to 800 yards. The chevron grabs the eye instantly, especially when red illumination is activated. Yet using the chevron tip provides an infinitely fine aiming point, without obscuring your target.

For medium range engagements, visual aiming cues direct you to determine your target’s range, then apply that knowledge to the bullet drop compensation ladder and, if needed, horizontal wind holds. By fine tuning the initial sight-in rifle “zero” to account for factors like muzzle velocity and altitude above sea level, Raptor M2 is compatible with 5.56 NATO, .308 Win, 5.45×39, and 6.5 Grendel calibers. Once your rifle is correctly sighted in, you never need to count adjustment knob clicks or make sure the scope is set to a certain magnification. All the math has already been done.

reticle illustration

The New ACSS Griffin MIL Reticle

Looking for greater accuracy than a bullet drop compensation reticle provides? Have a non-standard rifle setup with an unusual barrel length or caliber? If you want to stretch the effective range of your carbine to the maximum without sacrificing speed up close, take a close look at the ACSS Griffin reticles.

Griffin MIL replaces the caliber specific features of Raptor M2 with a Miliradian (MIL/MRAD) based dot grid extending 15 MIL down for bullet drop compensation and 6 MIL to each side for wind compensation. Griffin MIL is compatible with any caliber when combined with your favorite ballistic calculator to determine your rifle’s bullet drop and wind calls. The 1 MIL space between each dot in the grid covers 10 cm at 100 meters, 20 cm at 200 meters, and so on. The “base ten” MIL math system combines with the 1-8×24 Platinum’s 0.1 MIL-per-click resettable, locking windage and elevation adjustment knobs to make physical adjustments very easy to calculate. Or you can ignore physical adjustments and take advantage of the dot grid and simply hold over to achieve a correct firing solution.

the new griffin moa reticle

The New Griffin MOA Reticle

ACSS Griffin MOA is just like ACSS Griffin MIL, but calibrated for the American-style Minute of Angle system. If you’re looking for ultimate accuracy and you speak inches and yards instead of centimeters and meters, Griffin MOA is your answer.

The grid section dots are spaced at 2 MOA intervals, and you can evenly divide the space between them to perceive 1 MOA (only 1.047 inches at 100 yards). The Griffin MOA variant of the 1-8×24 Platinum scope features 0.25 MOA-per-click windage and elevation adjustments. In real world field use, this combination of fine reticle and fine adjustments makes this scope one of the most precise low power variable optics available at any price. The ACSS Griffin MOA reticle provides a full 50 MOA of vertical holdover, and 20 MOA to each side for wind compensation.

first focal plane construction

First Focal Plane Construction

Because the Primary Arms 1-8×24 Platinum scopes feature first focal plane scope construction, all of the advanced features of the ACSS Raptor M2, ACSS Griffin MIL, and ACSS Griffin MOA reticles are always “true” and ready to use at any magnification. There is no worry that the scope might be at the wrong magnification setting to range estimate or take your shot. The thick outer horseshoe surrounding the reticle details forms a small ring at 1x, creating an unobstructed sight picture like a red dot. Fast shooting at close ranges with both eyes open is truly enjoyable thanks to the combination of these ACSS reticles and the excellent Platinum series glass.

1vs8 power acss

Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime

The Primary Arms 1-8×24 Platinum scopes are premium optics build to withstand a lifetime of service, so we back them up with a lifetime warranty as well. Rain or shine, heat or cold, through thousands of rounds fired, if your 1-8×24 Platinum scope ever fails to function, send it back to our headquarters in Houston, Texas, and we’ll repair or replace it for you.