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Advanced Optics: GLx 1-6x24mm FFP Rifle Scope Exclusive Look

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exclusive look

When it comes to optics, it’s been said that they can be good, they can be tough, or they can be affordable: pick any two of the three. A good, durable optic won’t be cheap, a good, affordable optic won’t be durable, and a tough, affordable optic won’t be any good.

We reject that idea completely. With our Primary Arms Optics, we aim to hit all three.

GLx® brings premium technology and materials into an approachable price range. With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce one of our most versatile optics yet —the GLx® 1-6x24mm FFP Rifle Scope.

Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on an optic, nor does every mission call for one. With an MSRP of $699.99, the GLx 1-6x FFP is by no means a budget optic, but neither is it prohibitively expensive for professional users or serious recreational marksmen. Dollar for dollar, we think the GLx 1-6x offers more capability than any LPVO in its price range.

Premium materials, premium technology, attainable price. This has been the guiding principle behind the design of our GLx series from the start, so when we set out to create the GLx 1-6x FFP scope, the objective was simple: a low-power variable optic with all the features, performance, and durability of a top-tier LPVO, but without the eye-watering price tag.

premium features


Some of the biggest differences between top-tier scopes and entry-level models are found in the details. High-end scopes get the benefit of a great deal of thought and engineering going into every facet, resulting in a multitude of improvements big and small that, on their own, are not game-changing, but together result in a scope that’s faster, easier to use, and just better.

Too often, these sorts of features get cut from less-expensive scopes as a way of saving money, but that’s not the case for the GLx 1-6x. Take the interchangeable dovetail throw lever, for example. Throw levers are common on scopes these days, but they’re usually an afterthought, a simple loop either from the manufacturer or a third party that tightens around the magnification ring and relies on friction to stay in place. These sorts of levers are fine for casual use, but under the rigors of police action or competition, they’re all too easy to displace.

Other scopes use a built-in lever, machined directly into the magnification ring. This style of lever is plenty durable, but you lose all ability to configure it. If you don’t want a lever, don’t like the size, or prefer a different style, you’re out of luck.

The GLx 1-6x scope uses the same dovetail-mounted interchangeable lever system as our PLx® Compact 1-8x scopes. It ships with a standard fin attached for easier manipulation but can be replaced by a folding fin for a lower-profile setup or removed entirely.


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Similarly, we designed the GLx 1-6x FFP with configurable turrets, allowing users to choose the setup that’s most appropriate for their scenario. Capped turrets provide greater security for your zero, ensuring your turrets can never be accidentally bumped off their proper setting while the rifle is slung or stored. This is important for users who need their rifle to be ready at a moment’s notice, and can’t afford to waste time checking their zero.

The tactical turret, on the other hand, offers much faster adjustability—an important quality for a firearm that might be employed in a DMR-type role. Users who frequently find themselves dialing for range will appreciate the enlarged numbers and slip-resistant texturing on the tactical turret.

Beyond its next-level configurability, the GLx 1-6x FFP scope also features our AutoLive® battery-saving technology.

It’s no secret that scopes lag behind red dots when it comes to battery life, usually significantly. AutoLive technology helps to bridge the gap by deactivating the scope during periods of inactivity, then bringing it immediately back to life as soon as movement is detected. Naturally, this ensures you get the maximum useful life out of your battery, rather than wasting energy if the scope is left on in your range bag or safe.

The benefit to battery life is obvious, but AutoLive technology also provides a second benefit that is often overlooked: always-on capability. Previously, this was the sole purview of red dots, as leaving a scope on 24/7 would mean changing the batteries every day or two.

With AutoLive, you can leave your scope on your preferred power setting. Since the scope deactivates automatically, you won’t drain your battery while your rifle is standing by, but you also won’t have to fiddle with the settings when you need your firearm; just pick it up, and it’s ready to go.



Of course, there’s more to the GLx 1-6x than bells and whistles. Our commitment to making this scope the best value in its class expands to its performance, as well.

The heart of any rifle scope is always going to be the glass. The GLx 1-6x features premium low-dispersion lenses to reduce chromatic aberration. Chromatic aberration is one of those things that really doesn’t bother you until you’ve looked through a scope that has very little; then, once you’ve seen how good an image can look, there’s simply no going back.

Clearer images, truer colors, and brighter sight picture all come down to glass quality, which is why we cut no corners on the GLx 1-6x FFP. The lenses are even fully multicoated to maximize light transmission.


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After glass quality, reticle design is arguably the next biggest determinant of the speed and performance of an optic. A good reticle enables you to quickly range targets, engage at a variety of holdovers, make rapid shots at close range, and more.

This also happens to be one of the biggest things that sets our optics apart; nearly all of our scopes are available with at least one variety of patented ACSS reticle.

The GLx 1-6x FFP is available with either the ACSS® Raptor M6 5.56 Reticle or the ACSS® Griffin MIL M6 Reticle. Both are excellent tactical reticles, with built-in solutions for ranging targets as well as subtensions for drop and windage. The ranging systems allow users to quickly determine the distance to a target, even if the target is not fully in view, by using the full-height and half-height vertical brackets on either side of the horseshoe or shoulder-width stadia lines.

The subtensions are the primary difference between the two reticles. The ACSS Raptor M6 is a ballistic drop compensating reticle, with subtensions based on the average drop of a 5.56 NATO, 5.45x39mm, or .308 Winchester cartridge at various ranges. This offers the fastest possible engagement speed by saving the user from having to mentally calculate their holdovers.

The ACSS Griffin M6, on the other hand, uses a multifunctional mil-based grid reticle. Like most grid reticles, it can be used to range targets with a simple mathematical formula or in conjunction with a ballistic calculator for an exact firing solution, but in the case of the ACSS Griffin M6, it’s capable of much more as well.

With many common calibers and barrel lengths, the mil stadia lines can easily be used as a BDC. With a 5.56x45mm rifle zeroed at 100 yards or a .308 zeroed at 50 yards, users’ 300-, 400-, 500-, and 600-yard holdovers will roughly correspond to the 1, 2, 3, and 4 mil marks. Users can even fine-tune the BDC function to fit their atmospheric conditions by slightly altering their zero to be higher or lower based on guidance from a ballistic calculator like Strelok Pro.

This versatility is a huge boon for operators in high-stress environments. The target-focused approach of the reticle and ranging systems allow users to accurately estimate the distance to a target, determine their appropriate holdover, and engage all without taking their eyes off the target.

PA GLX 1 6X24F RAPTOR 5.56 00

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Both reticles feature a chevron aiming point instead of a traditional crosshair or floating dot. The chevron is perfect for an LPVO such as this, as marksmen can use the whole chevron for faster aiming or focus on the very tip for more precise shots. It also obscures the target less than a normal crosshair.

The chevron is then surrounded by a large horseshoe, which, like the chevron itself, can be used on its own for rapid aiming. This is especially important for an FFP scope; at 1x, the horseshoe aids in fast target acquisition, supporting the center chevron’s precision with close-quarters agility. The combination of the two makes the scope fast and functional at any power and any range.

The outer edge of the horseshoe even functions as a moving target hold, providing an estimated lead for a target moving at 8.6 miles per hour. For CQB engagement distances, the top point of the bottom post can be used to correct for height over bore.

In both reticles, the chevron and horseshoe are illuminated with the brightest technology available for an FFP scope in this price range. This draws the user’s eye to the point of aim and increases contrast against the target. In most scenarios, the illumination is daylight visible, but both reticles are designed to be fast and accurate with or without battery illumination.



It almost goes without saying that durability is paramount in a scope intended for professional use. If your life is on the line, you need a scope that not only performs well but can take a beating and continue to perform well.

The GLx 1-6x scope is built around a one-piece 6061-T6 aluminum body. In addition to helping to keep weight down, the high-strength aluminum and single-piece design help ensure the scope can take the bumps and drops common in professional applications. It’s also Type 2 anodized for optimal corrosion resistance.

To make sure the GLx was ready for duty, we tested it extensively on a SCAR 17S, a platform notoriously demanding of high durability in its optics. Many lesser optics have failed this test, but the GLx 1-6x did just fine with the aggressive recoil.

PA GLX 1 6X24F RAPTOR 5.56 00 1

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Of course, controlled tests can only tell you so much about a scope’s durability. The real test is always going to be how it holds up to being used by professionals in the field, which leads us to our next point.



The National Tactical Officers Association tests all manner of products in order to provide valuable insight to their members in the law enforcement community. Unlike most other consumer product testing, these evaluations don’t occur in a lab but instead are conducted in the field by law enforcement professionals.

After thorough testing, the NTOA awarded the GLx 1-6x FFP rifle scope with the illuminated ACSS Raptor M6 reticle with a Gold Medal Recommendation, the highest recommendation they issue. This signifies that GLx 1-6 exceeded officers’ expectations during use, scoring no less than a 4.5 out of 5 average rating.

scope summary


We’re not going to tell you that the GLx 1-6x FFP scope is just as good as scopes several times more expensive, like our PLx Compact 1-8 scope. But, if you’re willing to accept a bit less magnification and a bit more weight, the GLx 1-6x offers many of the same features and all of the excellence you’ve come to expect from Primary Arms Optics. For those on a slightly stricter budget, though, the GLx 1-6x offers best-in-class performance at a price that won’t break the bank.

With premium features usually reserved for scopes twice its price, high-quality glass, and professional-grade durability, the GLx 1-6x FFP scope is the perfect choice for a duty or competition rifle.