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Anatomy of a Pump-Action Shotgun | A Guide to Parts and Function

Pump-action shotguns are among the most iconic firearms available, boasting a history spanning over a century. Their enduring popularity continues to make them a top choice for enthusiasts and beginners alike.  Despite their widespread use, many enthusiasts and novices remain…

Rifle Scope Reticles Explained – Fiber vs. Wire vs. Etched

Scopes are a valuable addition to add to any rifle and can enhance your shooting experience significantly. With a plethora of solid options to choose from, optics not only provide you with a better sight picture, but they aid in…

AR-15 Slings and Mounts: A Basic Guide

Anyone who’s familiar with running a sling setup on their AR-15 is well aware of the advantages of having one. For those who don’t run one or simply haven’t tried them out yet, it’s worth considering adding one to your…

A Beginner’s Guide to Dry Fire Training: Enhancing Shoot Skills at Home

The term “dry fire” has been thrown around quite a bit in the gun community, so much so that you probably can’t go into one conversation at the gun range without hearing it at least once. Dry fire, dry fire,…