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AR-15 Brands in the $2000 and Under Range

AR-15s are some of the most popular firearms owned by Americans, and not without good reason. Their adaptability to various roles makes them versatile enough to cater to the unique preferences of each enthusiast. However, the challenge for new owners…

How To Mount a Prism Scope on Your Rifle

Prism scopes are among the most popular optic variants available. Their lightweight and compact form factor make them an excellent choice for a wide variety of shooting sports and activities, including hunting, competition, and personal defense. If you’re unfamiliar with…

Why is an AR-15 Magazine called a Magazine?

Like most semi-automatic rifles, the AR-15 is magazine fed. Magazines allow you to store multiple rounds and feed them into the rifle during the firing process. Though magazines are on nearly every commercially available firearm, the origins of one of…

The Basic Pistol Shooting Stances Explained

Shooting a handgun well is both an art and a science. It requires a great deal of practice and training, a reasonable amount of knowledge, and if you want to be among the best, a bit of talent, too. That…