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AR-9 | What to Know Before You Build

The AR family of rifle platforms is among some of the most popular ever created. The AR-15 is widely favored due to its modularity, making it adaptable to fit different scenarios. For added power, its bigger brother, the AR-10, offers…

Hunting hogs in Texas: What Red Dot Sight should you choose?

Wild hogs are one of the most invasive species in North America, causing severe damage to farmland and other natural resources. In Texas, they’re among some of the most common animals hunted because of how overpopulated and destructive they are. …

AR-15 Folding Stocks: Advantages and Drawbacks

While the AR-15 is a top performing rifle in many ways, one downside is the lack of a folding stock. Because the BCG reciprocates into the buffer tube, it’s impossible to fold the stock. At least, until recently.  As the…

How to Choose the Best Gun Belt

When you decide to start concealed carrying a pistol, there’s a lot to consider. From finding the right pistol to choosing a holster that’s both comfortable and easy to conceal, finding the right setup can be a challenge.   The wide…