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Understanding Pistol Recoil Management: Techniques and Tools for Better Accuracy

Whether you own a pistol for recreation, competition, or personal defense, proper recoil management significantly improves your accuracy.   Recoil management is often a major challenge for new pistol shooters. If not handled properly, you won’t be able to effectively control…

AR-10 Rifle Scopes | How to Choose the Best Optic Setup

The AR-10 is well known as the AR-15’s big brother, sharing a similar degree of popularity and adaptability. It’s well-renowned for its capabilities in both close- and long-range applications, as it’s designed to chamber powerful full-size rifle cartridges like .308…

Is Night Vision Compatible With A Red Dot Sight?

Every so often, a new technology comes around that alters the paradigm around the use of firearms. Self-loading firearms was one such game-changer, drastically and permanently altering nearly every application, from hunting to target practice to personal defense. Now, in…

How to Choose the Best Gun Belt

When you decide to start concealed carrying a pistol, there’s a lot to consider. From finding the right pistol to choosing a holster that’s both comfortable and easy to conceal, finding the right setup can be a challenge.   The wide…