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My philosophy on what I carry is straightforward. I choose to carry a firearm because it is not only my right as a law-abiding citizen, but as a father and husband it is my duty to protect my family.

Yes, there are more expensive and even more popular options when it comes to what I carry, but I have found that these are the tools that work for me. These items are on my person any time I leave my house, and even most of the time I spend in my house as well.

For my EDC firearms I carry a Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 Compact 9mm. I carried the M&P Shield 9mm for a few years and always wanted to take a step up in capacity and I liked the modifications and improvements they made to the Compact, so I decided it was time. It carries comfortably, shoots great and I’ve had zero issues with it shooting either regular ball or hollow points. I typically carry it in a Concealment Express IWB Holster and will sometimes carry it in a Bravo Concealment OWB Holster with a Streamlight TLR-1 attached.

Carrying at least one extra magazine is a must for me. I typically carry the extra Smith & Wesson factory mag in my front left pocket. And if I’m able to comfortably, I’ll carry another magazine in a single mag carrier on my belt. All of my magazines are loaded with 124 Grain Federal HST’s or 124 Grain Speer Gold Dots.

I went through quite a few knives trying to find the best EDC knife that was easy to carry. Finally settled on the Link, from Kershaw knives. I use this more than anything else I carry. And since it’s very affordable I won’t have an issue if I were to ever lose it. Am I ever going to use it to actually defend myself? Probably not. But man does it come in handy.

I also carry a pocket flashlight. My light of choice is the StreamLight ProTac 2L. This is another item that I never knew would be so handy. I have other lights with “all the lumens” but I find this one to be the most comfortable to carry on a daily basis. And it has more than enough lumens for what I need it for, which it typically giving it to my 5-year-old so she can look for things or light-up a dark room she’s afraid to go in.

Sunglasses in Texas are always a must-have. So why not have them also be ballistic-tested? I wear 5.11 Tactical Ascend sunglasses every day. I own several pairs of shooting glasses and these are the most comfortable and durable I’ve come across so far, plus they are practical for every-day wear.

Coming from a background of working in a machine shop I know the importance of having tools handy. Since I can’t fit my toolbox in a spare pocket the Gerber Suspension multi-tool is certainly better than nothing. Any multi-tool is a great addition to an EDC set-up, but I’ve always had a Gerber. If I’m not carrying it on me it’s in my backpack that I carry everywhere.



Now, I know this post is going to rustle some jimmies. You might be wondering how I wound up carrying seven or eight pounds of kit and I don’t think my answer will be entirely satisfactory. You probably think it’s because I’m a crazy person, or that I only brought this much in to get a reaction, both of which are perfectly valid expectations, but it really comes down to two words: feature creep.

Yeah, turns out it isn’t just a problem for engineers, programmers, or Doctors.

It started out innocently enough. When I first started carrying, the pistol courses I took required a pair of spare magazines. My duty belt for open carrying in the store front had a mag carrier for two spare magazines that helped balance the weight of my sidearm. When I transitioned to every day concealed carry, I just kept the two spare magazines because that’s what I was used to having.

The Benchmade Griptillian I’ve had since my very first day at Primary Arms, is my all-time favorite knife and gets used pretty much daily. So, a knife and a Glock 19. It’s pretty standard so far, right?

A small notebook with some quality pens are incredibly handy. Lighters weigh practically nothing and are quite practical even if you don’t smoke. A good handheld flash light should be a part of everyone’s kit, my choice for this need is the Streamlight ProTac HL X.

My phone is old and rickety, and a spare battery is practically a necessity. KeyBars are a pain to set up, but once you’ve got your keys in them, they’re excellent (unless you have a lot of keys). And everyone who handles firearms on a regular basis should have a tourniquet handy AND know how to use it.

The rest of this though? Feature creep. The SOG is a fantastic boot knife (that I HAVE cleaned since this photo was taken). It’s lightweight, quite skinny and remarkably comfortable in the hand. The TDI Hellfire is a solid knife with one of the hardest blades to sharpen ever. The Wolf Pup by Tops Knives has a deceptively small handle that fills the hand nicely and offers excellent control and makes a fantastic steak knife any day of the week.

I picked up the SIG Sauer P238 for a fantastic price thanks to /r/GunDeals with the idea that I could carry it whenever I didn’t feel like carrying my Glock or if I had to dress in such a way that I couldn’t conceal the larger Glock. While that DOES happen occasionally, what happens infinitely more often is the Glock 19 sits appendix in a Haley Strategic / G-Code INCOG, with the 238 as a backup on my right hip. – with two spare magazines.

You’d think that this much kit would necessitate one heckuva belt, but no. I’m very happy with my 5.11 nylon belt. It helps that my wardrobe consists mostly of gun-related t-shirts and “tacti-cool” cargo pants regardless of season, so I guess I’m not exactly subtle. But good holsters and being aware of your body type can go a long way towards proper concealment.

So… Yeah. Should you carry this much? Gods no. It’s stupid. Carry a good knife, a good sidearm, a good light, and a tourniquet. I am a great example of what not to carry. I am THAT guy. Don’t be THAT guy.



I was robbed at gun point in 2010 and that was the most helpless I have ever felt. I made my mind up that day that I would protect myself and others, and never be a victim again.

My everyday carry pistol is a CZ P07 9mm. I love this pistol. It feels perfect for my hands, and the trigger is great.

I grew up always carrying a knife and now it’s second nature to me. You never know when it will come in handy for cutting things or self-defense. My go-to EDC knife is the Spyderco Tenacious G-10. It’s a great little lightweight knife that punches above its class.

I don’t like bulky wallets. The wallet I carry is very similar to the Magpul DAKA Wallets. It’s minimal, holds all my cards, and looks pretty sweet too.

Last is my keys and keychain. Nothing special here except for one little thing. It’s a Lewis Machine and Tool AR-15 hammer that doubles as a bottle opener. If you’ve got a spare AR hammer laying around yourself, it’s a good conversation starter.

With all the things you could carry with you everyday, it’s a powerful choice to have something to defend yourself with. We hope this guide and our expertise will help you make great choices in your EDC. Just remember, no fidget spinners.