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A Legacy of Precision: Win a Custom LaRue Tactical OBR from Primary Arms!


HOUSTON, TEXAS – This month, Primary Arms is giving away a LaRue Tactical OBR 7.62, upgraded with a GLx® 3-18×44 FFP Rifle Scope, Harris bipod, and more! This rifle package is valued at over $4,000 and would be a fantastic addition to any enthusiast’s collection, offering performance, ballistic power, and long-range precision.

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Designed with precision and durability at its core, LaRue Tactical’s OBR 7.62 features upgraded components and accessories that make it the optimal rifle for delivering top-tier precision and power at any range. Since its inception, the OBR has been renowned for its long-range precision, owing to its unique, rigid monolithic design. With an adjustable gas system, a match trigger, and upgraded furniture, the OBR is certain to perform at the highest level.

To accompany this rifle setup, Primary Arms has included one of their GLx® 3-18×44 FFP Rifle Scopes. A variable power scope engineered and fine-tuned for accuracy, it features the advanced ACSS Athena BPR MIL Reticle which includes a full MIL grid and ranging stadia for quick and accurate fire at variable distances. For a mount, Primary Arms has included a LaRue Tactical LT111 34mm Scope Mount paired with their Diving Board Upgrade for mounting IR laser units or other optics.

Primary Arms has also equipped the rifle with a Harris BRM-S Bipod attached to a LaRue QD swivel mount. It provides the stability needed for making precise shots in diverse landscapes, complete with adjustable legs and swivels for easy adjustment and maneuvering. For a bonus, this rifle package comes with two LaRue 20-round magazines as well.

“This LaRue Tactical OBR is built for peak performance. Coming decked out with high-quality gear, it has everything you need to land precise shots at long range,” says Ken Ross, Director of Outbound Marketing at Primary Arms. “Regardless of whether you’re a long-range competitor, a big game hunter, or you’re just interested in turning heads at the range, this month’s rifle package is the perfect chance to add a superbly crafted .308 rifle to your arsenal.”

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