Monday, April 2, 2012

TTAG Review: Primary Arms Deluxe Scope Mount

We previously mentioned the gentlemen over at The Truth About Guns before and are fans of their blog.  Check out Chris Dumm's great review of our Primary Arms Deluxe Extended 30mm Scope Mount:
If you’ve got a fancy AR and a quality variable-power scope, it may seem penny-wise and pound-foolish to cheap out on the scope mount. But don’t confuse ‘low price’ with ‘cheap’, because $60 is a steal for a well-built AR mount of this type. If you don’t need the bells and whistles of quick-release levers or the cachet of high-end name brands, this mount’s for you. If you’re even more of a minimalist, check out their single-clamp basic AR scope mount for $25. (TTAG Full Review with pictures!)
We always love to hear feedback in any way, shape or form!  Thanks again.

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