Monday, March 12, 2012

Back Up Sights

While we at Primary Arms love our optics (consider our tagline: for Optics, Accessories and More!) we often find our customers overlook the importance of back up sights.  While better quality optics are becoming more affordable and give a shooter many advantages over iron sights-it is important to remember:

Every Optic is Capable of Failure!

For this reason we recommend using backup iron sights (BUIS).  There are many models to choose from made from different materials.  The two main types are:
  1. Fixed Sights: The word fixed should conjure up an image of a sight sitting on your rifle, ready to go at all times (which is what it is).
  2. Flip Up Sights:  These sights rotate out of the way when not required and are deployed with a quick release mechanism.
These do not need to be used exclusively and can be used in any combination (i.e. rear flip up sight with front fixed sight).

Whichever combination you choose may depend on your optic:
  • Non-magnified optics (like a red dot) can be co-witnessed.  Which means you can still use your iron sights through the optic.  If you have a magnifier behind your red dot, we recommend a flip to side mount to still maintain use of your BUIS.
  • Magnified optics must be removed in order to effectively use your BUIS.
Whichever combination works for you, make sure to practice firing with them at your local range.  Nothing like batteries failing on your optic and you can't figure out why you are shooting five yards off with your BUIS...

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